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Raising Kids as a Divorced Parent (Part 1)

Any parent can tell you that parenting is far from easy. You second guess yourself in so many ways and have a whole slew of constant concerns in regard to your kids. If you’re divorced (whether recently or for a while), you know that parenting while divorced comes with an all new set of concerns.

As a divorced parent, it’s natural to wonder if your divorce could negatively impact your child. I think every parent’s goal is to provide their child with a healthy and happy upbringing, so divorced parents commonly share fears of how the kids are impacted. It’s important to note how research shows that it’s not necessarily the divorce which most impacts the child, but it’s actually how you and your ex parent through it that can help the child adjust well.

In working with many divorced parents, I’ve compiled a list of the common fears and concerns they have shared with me. My hope is not only to show you that you’re not alone in your feelings and worries, but also to give you guidance on addressing those concerns and conquering those fears.


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