Realignment Group

Infromation Realignment Group

Living your dream

8 meetings: theory, personal goals, skills practice.

Each meeting lasts two hours, costs will be 15 euro per meeting.

Location: Malaga Therapy Center, Malaga Capital.

Planned as follows: Dates are not set yet

The group is in English at 2-4PM.
(a group will only start when there are at least 4 participants)

There are 8 main themes: a positive feeling of identity, self-love, self-determination, impact, meaning, competence, relationship, and group orientation. Within these main themes, we work with different aspects: such as communication styles, body posture, picture of yourself, irrational thoughts, give feedback, attention to emotion, assertiveness.

Did you know that our subconscious mind is a storehouse of creativity, genius, healing, and potential? Many of the world's most revered creators credit their success to the ability to tap into the subconscious mind through dreams and visionary work.

Albert Einstein used to take naps and rely on his dreams to help him when he got stuck in an equation. Billy Joel has written his best work with the help of dream influence. Louise Hay, Abraham Hicks, Tony Robbins, and even the Netherlands own ICEMAN have reached their potential in the law of attraction by training their brains to resemble sleeping while they are awake and focused.

Creative imagination is highly underrated as a tool of personal and professional development. Both Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison regularly engaged daydream brain waves to enhance their productivity and awaken the genius within.


Events in our lives can make us feel that we need something from the outside to make us feel good again. We then place the power outside ourselves, where as we become stronger and happier using the power within ourselves. When you don´t succeed to reach that power inside, then it is important to acknowledge this and to change it. Once trapped in the role of victim it is pretty difficult to get out.

Opposite to Self Empowerment is victimhood. When stepping into the role of victim, you put the blame of your negative feelings and emotions completely -or for a big part- on the other or on the circumstances. The essence of this role is that you do not take the lead and responsibility for your own life, but that you are guided by the way others respond. How you feel depends on others. What you do depends on others. In general this leads to feelings of powerlessness, directionlessness or aimlessness. The feeling that life happens to you. The feeling of “have to” instead of “want to”.

Realignment Group is a unique method in which we are able to coach holistically. The therapist will guide the group to find their own and unique dream, purpose and destiny which we call the Line. The Line is the unique dream, gifts, and talents within the person, that's what makes us who we are. To realign you to your divine line, we use a custom-made approach, tools and life-changing exercises.