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Work On Your Personal Devolopment

When your partner is far away, you can’t have the same couple life and identity as a regular couple. According to Jasmin, this is why personal development should be at the top your priority list:

  • Don’t become emotionally dependent on your partner: the main warning sign is not having enough space for your own self-care. You really have to work on your own personal development and growth in order to last the distance.

  • Get comfortable with who you are as a person: your partner isn’t there so unlike other couples whose identities tend to blend at the beginning of a relationship LDR couples have to face a different identity crisis of sorts.

  • Become a power couple: LDR couples have to be able to be confident and independent in their relationship. When you think of power couples I imagine LDR couples. Both badass people working on them and coming together to create something great.

“This is especially important in an International LDR because now you are dealing with different cultural upbringings as well as language barriers. If you aren’t able to work on your own personal growth and developing an understanding for each other then your relationship will have a harder time of succeeding.”

Are you still following? The best is yet to come!

Once you’ve worked on these 3 first aspects of your relationship, you are ready to start thinking about the next steps: joining your loved one and learning from this incredible experience.

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