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What Is Valentine's Day And Why Does It Matter? by Sydney Wiederhold (Part 2)

A World Of Opinions

Furthermore, people differ in how strong their opinions are toward Valentine’s Day. Some are adamant about celebrating, others reluctantly go out on fancy dates and buy gifts. Others simply refuse to celebrate at all. While it’s okay to feel however you may feel about Valentine’s Day, it’s important to consider the other person’s feelings if you’re in a relationship.

Should you celebrate?

If one partner cares more about the holiday, move in their direction and compromise with them. You would likely appreciate it if you were in their shoes. Compromise often has a negative connotation associated with it, but that’s what helps provide sound building blocks in relationships – communication and compromise.

A Worldwide Celebration

Regardless of how Valentine’s Day came to be a holiday, it is celebrated all over the world. Countries that take part have their own traditions and customs, and some take them more seriously than others. While it might seem like just an American holiday, nothing could be further from the truth.

Around the World

Consider the fact that in the Philippines, February 14 is the most popular day to get married and renew one’s wedding vows. In El Salvador, locals put a spin on Secret Santa and draw a Secret Friend from a hat of names on Valentine’s Day. They then buy gifts for their Secret Friend anonymously. Peruvians exchange flowers, while some Germans gift pigs to one another. In Finland and Estonia, Valentine’s Day is all about one’s friends rather than a romantic partner. Clearly, people all around the world have assigned meaning to Valentine’s Day, which can vary a lot from country to country.

Valentine's Day Is Here To Stay

Valentine’s Day has stood the test of time and remained a tradition for centuries now. It’s not likely that it’s going away anytime soon. Even if you don’t personally feel that Valentine’s Day matters, remember that there are plenty of people who do, and there is cultural and historical significance behind it. This not only includes people in your own inner circle and country, but all around the world. Not everything that matters to one person is going to matter to everyone, but it helps to be sensitive to the fact that everyone has different, sometimes strong, opinions of February 14. Keeping that in mind can help you navigate the holiday each year and interact with those around you in a way that honors everyone’s feelings and opinions, including your own.

Making Valentine's Day A Year-Round Phenomenon

There can be a lot of pressure on February 14, which is why the best solution may be to treat every day (or at least more days) as if it were Valentine’s Day. That doesn’t mean you have to go all out and buy extravagant gifts and go on fancy dates all the time; just that you show love and affection more often. If you are saving up all your love for one day out of the year, there might start to be resentment in your relationship. Valentine’s Day can feel fake if you act like a completely different person on that one day out of the year.

Celebrating Love Daily

Things that may be more exciting for a relationship is picking random days throughout the year to spontaneously celebrate one another. Together, you and your partner can make multiple days special each year. So, while loving one another well should be an everyday occurrence, don’t be afraid to go above and beyond on more days than just February 14 alone.

Find Healing With ReGain

Valentine’s Day can be sentimental and exciting but can also stir up existing problems in a relationship. This is especially true if one partner expects more out of the day than the other does. Watching other couples celebrate the holiday in extravagant ways can also be hard to watch when your own relationship has problems. It can be hard not to fall into the trap of comparison.


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