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Top Careers in the Field of Mental Health

Despite massive advancements in recent decades, the field of mental health is still one of the most misunderstood areas of medicine. For centuries, the topic was treated with less respect than it deserved, and many patients suffered as a result. Thankfully, we are now at a point in time when most people have the desire to help those suffering from mental health conditions and as a result a great many resources are being poured into research and treatment options.

Because of these facts, many people who are interested in pursuing a career in healthcare feel compelled to consider working in the field of mental health. There is a growing need for such professionals to meet the demand for this sort of healthcare, which has been brought about by the increase in awareness for the topic and reduction in stigma for those seeking help.

There are a variety of careers to consider in the field of mental health. If you are currently looking to pursue such a career, here are a few of the top options to consider.


One of the most popular options to consider in the field of mental health is that of a psychologist. This is due to the fact that there are a variety of psychology careers to consider within this area of mental health.

For instance, with a degree in psychology, you might become a mental health counselor, a social worker, or a correctional treatment specialist. With so many different options to consider, a degree in psychology can prove to be a useful starting place for an exciting career in the field of mental health.

Keep in mind the fact that a bachelor’s degree in psychology is typically the first step in the process of building a successful career for yourself in mental health. You might find yourself earning an advanced degree of some sort so that you can specialize in a particular area of psychology and make a true difference in the lives of others.


Another popular career path is that of becoming a psychiatrist. Unlike the field of psychology, psychiatry is one that involves becoming an MD and going through medical school in order to become fully qualified. This can be a long and daunting process, but it is one that prepares you to take on a truly challenging yet rewarding career as a psychiatrist.

Once you are qualified as a psychiatrist, you might even choose to start your own practice and start treating your own patients in such a setting.

Family Therapist

There are many families and couples out there that seek out professional assistance in order to repair relationships and build stronger ones as a family. Qualified family therapists can do a great deal of good in helping families work through serious issues and make improvements to the manner in which they communicate with one another.

Whether you choose to work as a couple’s therapist specifically or with families as a whole, you can make a truly positive difference for struggling families.

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