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Plan Your Future Together

Jasmin successfully moved to Finland last year and learnt a lot from her experience of closing the distance.

“It’s essentially a relationship milestone. If you were to translate an LDR into a regular relationship then you would see CTD as moving in together. It’s hard to think about a future together with a person if you aren’t actively planning for that future together.”

She shared the steps that lead them to live together for good:

  • Do your research: in 2017 we began researching what needed to be done for both of us to move to the other’s country. While I always wanted to live in Finland we felt that it was important to look at both immigration processes.

  • Work on your financial plan: once we looked at what was needed for both we created a financial plan that would help us get ready for CTD. In that financial plan, we included the cost of living, immigration, plane tickets, and a ton of other factors. After we determined our budget we put a plan in place to save up as much money as possible.

  • Prepare this new step of your relationship: financial planning is just one side of CTD, we also had to work on our relationship more, so that meant for us to have longer meet-ups to see how we would do living together.

  • Manage your stress and emotions: Fast forward to the month before CTD we both were excited and nervous. The amount of stress was unreal. I mean you’re packing your entire life into 3 suitcases and saying goodbye to everything you know. Self-care is essential but you also have to think about the ones around you that want to see you before you go, and making sure your relationship is still okay.

“Closing the distance should be a process that is celebrated, not one that you are constantly stressing out over.”

Are you feeling overwhelmed about closing the distance? Jasmin also created the ultimate guide to help you with each step of the process.

I’m really impressed by how Jasmin managed to put all essential information in one place with her Closing the Distance Binder Set.

It will help you:

  • Have a financial guide and planner

  • Learn what important documents you will need

  • Stop worrying about what to pack

  • Work on your self-care and reduce stress

  • Feel relaxed as you and your partner are about to start your new lives together

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