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Learn From The LDR Experience

I really love the way Jasmin always highlights the positive aspects of long distance relationships and help you reframe a difficult situation.

To conclude this article, it felt important to show you how you can reflect on this experience and learn from it.

After more than 3 years in a LDR, Jasmin believes she learnt both about herself and what she wanted out of her relationship:

  • Learn about yourself: being in an LDR has taught me so much about who I am as a person. That’s what I loved about LDRs it gives you so much time to focus on yourself and who you are as an individual while coming together in different parts of the year.

  • Learn about your relationship: LDRs give you time to reflect and understand what it is you want for your future and the future of your relationship.

  • Learn from your community: the good news is that you are not alone! So many international couples are going through the same hurdles as you. Connect with them on Instagram, look for blogs to support you, share your experience with others.

“LDR couples spend so much time apart working on themselves, following their dreams, pursuing their passions, then coming together to celebrate all that they have worked hard towards. I just feel like that’s not something you can get from a regular relationship.”

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