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Know How To Handle Aruguments

And even with the best date nights, you will sometimes have to overcome some challenges, just like any couple. That’s why learning how to handle arguments despite the distance is essential.

These are Jasmin’s best tips:

  • Jump on a video call: when you find yourself getting angry through text or even on a phone call, you need to take a moment and ask your partner to start a video call. If you are unable to hop on a video call right away then send your partner a video message.

  • Read body language: once you can see each other, it is so much easier to read body language and visibly see that your partner is upset.

  • It’s always you and your partner vs the problem: after y’all’ve gotten on the video call, talk about what is really causing the issue. It sounds easy but sometimes that means you have to look within yourself and understand your actions and why you think the way that you think.

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