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Discussion Group

Information Discussion Group

Lost in Translation

Each meeting lasts three hours, costs will be 10 euro per meeting.

Location: Malaga Therapy Center, Malaga Capital.

Planned as follows: September, 28th 2022 - October, 26th 2022 - November, 30th 2022 - January, 25th 2023 - February, 22nd 2023 - March, 29th 2023 - Abril, 26th 2023 - May, 31st 2023, June, 28th 2023.

The group is in English at 7-10PM.

Moving abroad is an exciting idea for many. It is seen as a fresh new start in life but implies a change in every area of life: culture, people, work culture, food, language, and so on. Though this seems very tempting, we often forget that it has lots of consequences that we realize more and more its depth throughout time. 

Here, at Malaga Therapy, we have decided to open our door to allow Foreigners, and Locals married to Foreigners, to have a place where you will be able to talk about anything and everything on the reality of experimenting with life abroad. 

Our meetings will take place every last Wednesday of the month. You're interested and want to share about it? We are waiting for you at our next meeting!

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