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Find Time For Romantic Date Nights

According to Jasmin, date nights are the vessel for communication:

“It’s a time when couples can come together and learn something new about each other, and understand why each other thinks the way they do. It’s how you are able to build emotional intimacy.”

Jasmin is an expert when it comes to romantic dates and she offers amazing ideas for your long distance dates. These are the first steps to consider for your romantic date night:

  • Find the time: one barrier people have to having dates with their partner is they feel like they don’t have enough time to plan something romantic with their partner.

  • Start with a mini date: it can be only 15 minutes. Go into a bathroom, shut the door, light some candles, and turn off the lights, you’ll instantly have a romantic atmosphere.

  • Do something with your partner that is engaging: take or retake a personality test, talk about your results. Ask each other deep questions so you can develop more emotional intimacy for each other.

“Date nights are what develop intimacy, that leads to heat and passion in other areas. Once you stop focusing on how you can be more intimate with your partner you lose out on deepening your connection to each other.”

To help you build intimacy and connect with your partner despite the distance, Jasmin created the Date Nights Kits.

When you’re in a long distance relationship, your date nights can easily start to feel boring and repetitive. I fell in love with her products because they are the best way to break the routine and feel closer to your foreign half in just one date.

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